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Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Cristiano Ronaldo goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Honor 23 in Beijing, China in his first interview since joining Juventus, and talks about his humble beginnings growing up in Madeira, Nike making new sneakers for Juventus, and his son, Cristiano Jr., wanting to dress like his dad. Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_--R1P5-kfBzHTca0dsnw?sub_confirmation=1 Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/Complex https://www.facebook.com/complex http://instagram.com/complex https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (24243)
farzana zakariah (45 minutes ago)
Marketing level💯💯💯💯
zynq (49 minutes ago)
The first word he spoke he had a fat voice crack
jame Harey (1 hour ago)
Schönling _81 (1 hour ago)
The Air Force one looks very very nice
Dominus Peanut (3 hours ago)
He speaks better English than playboi carti
Tokyo Drift (4 hours ago)
Obitrice For life (4 hours ago)
Cristiano “ Fantastic” Ronaldo.
Aaryan (4 hours ago)
Little do y'all know my man got a whole galaxy named after him
Danes Joseph (7 hours ago)
Force one good👍
Visca El Futbol (11 hours ago)
People out here saying he speaks better English than, Kodak, lil pump but this guys speaks better English than Harry Kane.
Jose A. Martinez (12 hours ago)
Best guest on the show by far 👍
panic room (13 hours ago)
he bought the cactus jacks, Travis x Ronaldo collab
tzopp gaming (14 hours ago)
Oh shit 14 Million Views CR7 is a Legend
Deepak DeeJack (14 hours ago)
Americans and Indians Men we look so manly and Attractive with Beards Cr7:-Hold my Beer.
Deepak DeeJack (15 hours ago)
So cr7 and Michael Jackson achieved More Fame and Money than any one in this planet !!
Blackdarkdarker bleach (15 hours ago)
one thing i learned from this video - 'Nike did a fantastic job.'
Kanades (12 hours ago)
Great imagination
Agustin Lopresti (16 hours ago)
Les tiro un dato, si pusieran subtítulos en español tendrían mas de 3.9milones
ツDfrNT (16 hours ago)
Is no one going to comment about how joe said Juventus
bruno boxer (17 hours ago)
Who is still watching this video in 2029 ? ** 10 years later I'm gonna be the most liked comment .
Bitch Kiss My Nike Boots (17 hours ago)
Ronaldo is still surprised
So (17 hours ago)
-Total is... -*hands credit card* yea whatever bro -1524259682542173893685428653685425863
InSider (18 hours ago)
*NIKE ruleZ*
Essa K (20 hours ago)
I copy you mbappe and Neymar
Essa K (20 hours ago)
Ronaldo I'm a big fan you're the best
Mr Anonymous (20 hours ago)
He speaks good English because he lived there for 7 years whilst playing for Manchester United 2003-2009.
Mr Anonymous (23 minutes ago)
Lord Nacho ?
Lord Nacho (8 hours ago)
Mohsin Ahmed (20 hours ago)
This man right here is the biggest person to ever be on this show. Theres only 1 person who is as big, but he hasn't been on here. And we all know who.
No one: Ronaldo: I have a few once xdd
AzuulTheKid (22 hours ago)
160M on Instagram wwwwwwow
E SanG (23 hours ago)
Akbar Sadiq (1 day ago)
He chote 11 Size ki jhoote dhikha
tegar aji (1 day ago)
14 million views ?? look this C.RONALDO effect.
Furgon Cino (1 day ago)
When they told to Cristiano the total he wasn't even listening ahah he don't gives a fuck about the price
UBG (1 day ago)
Guys,he is announcing for his work. He should be speaking English
La Footballeuse (1 day ago)
uldo5002 (1 day ago)
Leo Marak (1 day ago)
When will Messi..... Come ..
Cantrell Kinnel (1 day ago)
I have mad respect for this dude. He's truly dedicated to his craft and his taste. But I can appreciate his willingness to be diverse.
thanh huyen Trieu (1 day ago)
no one bought adidas
ananthoju sriharsha (1 day ago)
Why only nike
Vegeta 4 (1 day ago)
When you going bring messi to buy some sneakers ✨
Nikola Ninov (1 day ago)
Ronaldo is the best on and off the pitch... What a personality he has!
Daniel Anwar (1 day ago)
" I have a few already, but I will choose a few more" I wish I can say the same thing in shoe store😭
Abiem Ikhsandy (1 day ago)
Anying, ronaldo beli sepatu tinggl tunjuk Jiwa misqueenku terkoyak 😂
Diego Macedo (1 day ago)
He sounds like GGG when he speaks English
amzamza (1 day ago)
No one Literally no one Ronaldo:”fantastic”😂
Manuel Flores (1 day ago)
Cr7 is The best player ever
Manuel Flores (1 day ago)
Tremendo crack
Ryan (1 day ago)
the definition of a super star. you can’t dislike ronaldo
Ricky Guzman (1 day ago)
Air forces are comfortable?
Lazarz 10 (1 day ago)
Look at his shorts, Man Utd
Chratos Careca (1 day ago)
He played in this team
Gokmen Karakas (1 day ago)
Oh gosh, he just gave his last money to those sneakers, he just called me to borrow 30 bucks for a meal.
Tibesti (1 day ago)
Ronaldo English 5% Koda black he was born Warning ⚠️
Courtney Fredericks (1 day ago)
Imagine being handed Cristiano Ronaldo’s bank card.
Oly Olu (46 minutes ago)
Without the pin right ! ?
rafid sadman (1 day ago)
What a legend From no one to one of the biggest celebrities in the world with unending donations to thousands of sectors. My favorite athlete of all time.
23hullns jeff (1 day ago)
Quem me dera com 3 mil pilas eu comprasse pelo menos metade desse kkkk, aqui só uns dois já passa
Rameuneu Channel (1 day ago)
Oh ini konten yang dicontohin sama si kemal
Manuel Pereira (1 day ago)
fala português boi
Thierry Bastide (1 day ago)
yall thought cristiano is loyal... sike he has "a girlfriend" 6:00 he married btw
xristos xarizis (1 day ago)
1:40 that voice crack 😂😂😂
Blxck Jezus (1 day ago)
He speaks very veeery English. Surprisingly
Dauda Ismail (2 days ago)
I know Nike will refund d money
Dauda Ismail (2 days ago)
I know Nike will refund d money
Rachel Jay (2 days ago)
Is it me or does Ronaldo sound german
DJ Snake (2 days ago)
1:41 x0.25
Hit the button like if you appreciate his hard work and football play techniques😉
Faris Smith (2 days ago)
Mans was bouta walk out without his credit card like wtf.
FantazyVideos (16 hours ago)
Credit card and receipt isn't close to being the same thing
PR KING (2 days ago)
He's the face of Nike so he can get any shoe for free.
Isaac Saldana (2 days ago)
Sai venkatagirish (2 days ago)
can't get better than this. the most famous person in the world. cristiano ronaldo dos santos aveiro. say no more.
Luke Jovin Ubamos (2 days ago)
That CR7 AF1 Gold swoosh 💯🔥
Olu Olusanya (2 days ago)
It WaS gOoD! 1:37
Manuel Flores (2 days ago)
Respect Ronnie
Manuel Flores (2 days ago)
El mejor de la Historia
Manuel Flores (2 days ago)
Tyler Swanson (2 days ago)
Azores baby
Jack Lipscombe (2 days ago)
1:40 voice crAck
psychore (2 days ago)
What about messi
tube tube (2 days ago)
I see football fan united and defending cr7 and educate some American ignorant ..
can ergen (2 days ago)
adam yaşayan efsane amk. cengiz kurtoğlu gibi
iiJameul - (2 days ago)
Football money is 10x bigger than rap money
Chratos Careca (1 day ago)
The Best Sport in The world
God First (2 days ago)
I hope Messi comes on the show
OFB YG _ (2 days ago)
1:41 that voice crack tho😂
Alan Morocho (2 days ago)
Why tf does he sound like that?💀💀💀💀🤢
Abhimanyu Rai (2 days ago)
He speaks better English then Harry kane
MB14 eXpo (3 days ago)
Cristiano listened to Blueface's song before this video
Music Buzz (3 days ago)
The Ethmiester (3 days ago)
Looks like Cristiano skips leg day
Simbly_ Awesome (2 days ago)
Hes a football player...everyday is a leg day
Anthony Finley (3 days ago)
"MY MUSEUM" next level flex.
Vlade Dodi (3 days ago)
I always knew his English was great, this video just proved me right
But Why (3 days ago)
Make sure you recognise the greatest footballer the world has ever seen to date - CR7 one of only a few true legends of maybe all time - all actions and no words - complete icon, legend, and footballing GOD
Yung Flame (3 days ago)
the dude like total is $23498 and CR7 like 'yes' lmao
daniel ben (3 days ago)
He's making ×5 of this amount in a single day lol
fateme karimi (3 days ago)
I'mma say it i love him amd also he's so hot
g h (3 days ago)
theres a good chance those shoes are all fake in that store
Anton Lorenzen (3 days ago)
Jazmine Sanchez (3 days ago)
wano wano (3 days ago)
You guys totally messed up the Japanese currency. Hahaha
Solid Plays (3 days ago)
0:29 he says legendary ronaldo ronaldos is like of course
shian zekri (13 hours ago)
ronaldo is like ofcourse motherbitch puta
black Mercury (3 days ago)
Did you know? Cristiano Ronaldo is more popular than the whole NFL worldwide
Akhona Ngema (3 days ago)
Damn true.. I bet 80% of African people can't even mention 5 teamsfrom NFL and am from Africa 🇿🇦😂😂😂

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