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The NCTzennies (1 year ago)
Hahh who said hijabis can't look swag with hijab?! Show them this omg love the outfit
Remas Alhawari (5 days ago)
It’s really hard to look “swag” while wearing the hijab because u have to cover all your body parts correctly and not wear anything tight because hijab isn’t all abt the hair it’s abt the body too so the pics shown in this video is not hijab
mark wasnt here (5 months ago)
Thank youuu btw love the Lucas pic fellow Nctzen
Maryati Salmah (18 hours ago)
Look so modern but salihah
لاحجاب ولاهم يحزنون. .هذا مجرد موضة
Zeinab Hamad (8 days ago)
They all skinny 😂😂😂
Rahma Riad (9 days ago)
الاستيل حلوه جدا بس لفه الطرحه هى مش حلوه بيبنوا رقبتهم بس كملى حبيبتى حلوه جدا
Nayma Ouédraogo (9 days ago)
Who said hidjab can't be fashionable ???
Aya Isra2 (16 days ago)
https://youtu.be/F8ka8LHKZH0 Ma chaîne sur YouTube
Aya Isra2 (16 days ago)
https://youtu.be/F8ka8LHKZH0 Ma chaîne
Manaoui Meriem (17 days ago)
ربي يهدي الامة المسلمة
kashif waja (20 days ago)
Hijab doesn’t mean that covering hair it's mean that covering whole body##:p
Yasmin Nagati (20 days ago)
هما حلوين جداا 😍 بس بعضهم متلقش خالص علي الحجاب زي مثلا ال البناطيل الدايقه وكده من الأخر كده البسو الي انتو عايزينو طالما البس مغطي جسمك كويس ومفيش حاجه باينه وميكنش مجسم
imene amouna (21 days ago)
هل من عربي 🤔🤨🤨🤨
Sidraa Al Zoubi (26 days ago)
5:09 🙈😻😻😻😢❤
Mimi Mimi (27 days ago)
كم لازم يكون مقاسك لتلبسيهم.
Sharuwa Shatra (1 month ago)
Those complaining about her hijba pliz stop t ,wen she comes to our country Uganda we just say she is the best coz for us we can even just wear a T-shirt and a tight jean plus scarf . They call u muslima coz not everyone can afford those hijab of 100dhm
Mr. Banana (1 month ago)
Majority of these aren’t “hijab” just immodesty..
جنات صالح (1 month ago)
Sacdiyo Adow (1 month ago)
They look beautiful
Artsif Artae (1 month ago)
عجبتني لغنياااا ❤❤❤
نهار رمضان (1 month ago)
تحيتي لكل فتاة ستيل في اللبسة ستيل المراهقة يضغط لايك روععععععععة اتمنى انوا ينل اعجبكم التعليق ومع تحيتي
نهار رمضان (1 month ago)
ارجو الرد بسرعة بليز
نهار رمضان (1 month ago)
امي امي (1 month ago)
Qabil Ceferov (2 months ago)
Necə meye😡
Qabil Ceferov (2 months ago)
Coxx bəyəndim ela😉😘
Bts Vkook (2 months ago)
Wish I was skinny this outfit would look so great on me weight 124 😂❤️❤️
Nadha Fahriya (2 months ago)
Somebody please please help me its urgent..what is that white things that the girl is wearing under her crop top URGENT!!!
yxngz918 yxngz918 (2 months ago)
I love these swag hijab clothes These suet me👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✌✌✌
Jessica Muslimah (2 months ago)
I love it so much
Nasira (3 months ago)
Was music necessary? Astaghfiruallah
Ruhi Khan (3 months ago)
DUNIA DAGAN (3 months ago)
Oussama Elkouche (3 months ago)
Toop thblu😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
Warda (3 months ago)
Don‘t like hijabistas. It is not Islam since it teaches us modesty. You are differenz. Don‘t like you
Maryam Love (3 months ago)
Why they wearing hijab? If they wearing so not good clothes.😑
Mimin Noona (3 months ago)
i'm broke lol
Moon Areum (3 months ago)
U know, there's a moment we want to looks good and don't care abt rules, just once I guess, so u better not judge them, we all have ups and downs
Lã rØsę (3 months ago)
#5:09 😍😍😍
Al bana (4 months ago)
Astagfirullah my umma
Dontmessupmytempo EXO (4 months ago)
We need to wear tight clothes.
Nasira (3 months ago)
Who needs to wear tight clothes?
Dontmessupmytempo EXO (4 months ago)
Jeans is not allowed for women muslim.
Jefen Ali (4 months ago)
حلمي مرة اصير متلهم😢😩✌
Teнь Koшku (4 months ago)
très belle continuer ma chérie ❤❤💋😍👏👏
Naceri Yasser (4 months ago)
the best style
Naceri Yasser (4 months ago)
Nada bct (5 months ago)
بحب كتير ستايل دا 😍
Hijab Fashion (3 months ago)
nadia bct subscribe pleaaaaaase. https://youtu.be/StP6brszPis
no one like me #Rabab (5 months ago)
Non ce n'est pas un hijabe
Md Sulahai (5 months ago)
hy i m new subscribed
Noussayba Barich (6 months ago)
Olaf The Cat (6 months ago)
Hijab is not just about covering your head, but the whole body, too (except for your palms and face). No hate, but it's better to properly cover your feet. Some jeans are a bit short, showing ur ankles, which shouldn't happen. BTW, love those styles 😊
habiba_Waleed (6 months ago)
This is clothes able to 14 to 20 years old Because your body is easy to see But in start of wearing hijab you can wear this BUT NOT DAILY GIRLS Be careful sweetie💙 *Turkish,Arab
yosor samara (16 days ago)
Yes exactly!!!!
Its Rosè (6 months ago)
Can't afford the clothes 😢
amira fardjallah (6 months ago)
Qorry Qorry (6 months ago)
What!!!!she hold the dog
Hajar #16 (6 months ago)
Soukaina Dibiani (6 months ago)
Follow me on my account at fashlonsokayna
anna laven (7 months ago)
may i know what is the title of the song?
Dadi Hoho (7 months ago)
مش بهي بزاف
bensedira med (7 months ago)
Ninata ღ (7 months ago)
rajae rajaha (7 months ago)
Defacto Cardigan-BLACK http://bit.ly/2QAPfXf
Sahar Ajjo (7 months ago)
2:00 baaa
Mad Hatter (7 months ago)
Me and my buddies took screen shots from these sexy ladies and hanged them on the wall 🍌🍒🍑🌶🍆🤤🤤
Lush_ Slushi (7 months ago)
5:09 penggg af
Salih Kasîm (8 months ago)
بالدقيقة 3:23 كثير حلو ومرتب هالستايل💕😳وكمان 7:21 شي خياال💗
Yessy Cahyani (8 months ago)
Zakaria Bourouaine (8 months ago)
Best clothes
salma سلمى (8 months ago)
i reaally like some of these and wish to have cool clothes like these!! i loove theeem!!
Anis Badri (8 months ago)
아름손 (8 months ago)
Who's a song?
Adnan A (8 months ago)
What song is that at the beginning?
Ahlem Ahlem (8 months ago)
واشتا هذا حسبتونا كيمان نتوما
تسفية سيد (9 months ago)
0:37 I hate those stupid slipper things
Tgxjmv vfgjjg (9 months ago)
Some people here judge these girls for their outfits are NOT muslims. Muslims have no right to judge another. They would understand only Allah SWT can do that. NO muslim would judge someone else.
Ayesha Samed (9 months ago)
Yas (11 days ago)
Ikr i think their talking about the jeans but they are all wearing mom jeans tho
ahlam ahlam (9 months ago)
Samir Jemäk (9 months ago)
Schämt euch von Kopf bis Fuß möge Allahsubhanatahala euch rechtleiten Ameen 👏🏼
Yan Cake :3 (29 days ago)
Entweder man sollte Hijab komplett machen oder gar nicht.
Billy Bene (9 months ago)
Hade stayl top hada hewa irtiwari ans
Billy Bene (9 months ago)
Hwayji ahsan min hade bialf mara
Billy Bene (9 months ago)
Styl top
Billy Bene (9 months ago)
Billy Bene (9 months ago)
Federico Rossi (9 months ago)
Dove prendo tutti question vestiti?
Роза Гулам (10 months ago)
ужасс это пародия однако не хиджаб кто делал это видео
كل الحب رزان (10 months ago)
حلو بس الاغنيه مش اووي
Ahlam khanji (10 months ago)
Oh t'he Amizink
Nadodd (10 months ago)
Instagram account ?
Amne Hijazi (10 months ago)
wow wow habibte kteer wow😍😍😍
Imlone (10 months ago)
Naahhh don't used religion on your business.. so damn stupid. The hijab that you use aren't covering enough.. not ban the hijab but I ban for those who display it in wrong way. Maybe all look loose but still there is some part need to cover properly. These is not how Muslim women should wear.. so pity. And last not least.. is hijab need to look swag??. Hahahaha so if wearing this hijab so can fill more Islamic?. Nonsense..this style only for showing how low you're Islam cuz you're not covering your self enough dude... Swag hijab.. ahhahahaha.
Nursyuhada Othman (10 months ago)
Can I ask a question? What kind of sweatshirt at 1:55 and where can I buy it? It look so comfortable to wear it :)
Nursyuhada Othman (10 months ago)
@Don't Ask Me Why oouh.. thank you very much :))
Don't Ask Me Why (10 months ago)
@ sauf.etc is her insta account and I think she tags each brand
sabeena sadique (10 months ago)
Damn...... Tight jeans is a total haram for Muslim girls....... Dear sisters,We should wear loose dress that do not show the shape of our body
Afreen (3 months ago)
Tight fit dresses are karaahah (كراه‍ة) for women... But I like loose and oversized outfits
SARA SARA (10 months ago)
wooooow 👍👍👍👍
Hnd Hbdhd (10 months ago)
Aku x setuju dgn pakai scarf nampak leher
Rody Ayman (11 months ago)
ليه اغلبهم لبسين كوتشيات بيضة😯🙈😁
Hijab Fashion (3 months ago)
Rody Ayman subscribe pleaaaaaase. https://youtu.be/StP6brszPis
Meriem Ime (11 months ago)
Mixskizy Tv (11 months ago)
wow they look badass
Tfk Tfk (11 months ago)
spooderman (11 months ago)
I’m Latina and I don’t wear a scarf, but I respect Muslims 🙏🏻 I actually have an outfit similar to the first one, I just have another hoodie.
fatima mohafid el auati (2 months ago)
i am spanish and muslim , i like so much the persons like you #irespectyou
Prince armel (11 months ago)

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