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Magic Rush: Heroes - Day 1123 (Active Troy Lv.99 VIP4 at Merger 804)

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Magic Rush: Heroes - Day 1123 (Active Troy Lv.99 VIP4 at Merger 804) This is my daily routine. :) Today is the 1123th day in the game. :) (2018.10.14.)
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قاسم عابد (1 month ago)
The latest update in the game is new
massimo zanetti (4 months ago)
Sorry, how strong is #1 ranked in arena in your server? I'm in merger346 , my first team is less than 400k and i'm like 600 in arena
Sérgio Oliveira (5 months ago)
To anyone looking into the comments, please do not think this is the way to play the game. I've seen and I have vip 0,1,2,3 in my alliance with legendaries, and they're not only 3 stars. learn to save diamonds and spend them wisely. This video should be more like: What not to do in Magic Rush, 1123 days in the game and haven't figured out how the game works? Uninstall .
James Cardino (6 months ago)
give me acc pls
M H (7 months ago)
447 k power at level 99? Focus on 5 hero's and build them up ,trust me .. . I'm Vip5 and pushing 435k power at level 93 , no legends and I'm rank 140-170. And I've been playing for a year and 1 month.. I even stopped playing for 2 months but started playing again.. I've been playing like 340 days..
A Toast (4 months ago)
@M H I hope you know you can't rely on your 5 OP heros for everything... I prefer to have well balanced teams than 1 OP team...
Arusattern (5 months ago)
It depends what heroes you have, if most of them are art in 2-3 star hired that adds loads of power, he has jolly and gridlock, they are 1 star heroes which decreases his power
Hamton Visonka (7 months ago)
no. i focused to a video creating! this is my job. :))
Onii Chan (7 months ago)
Vip 0 here😭😭😭
Кстати) я тоже на 804 сервере играю;))
Потрать монеты наемников в магазине - этак будет лучше, чем их украдут;))
Darma_257 (7 months ago)
How to you get malachi?
Hamton Visonka (7 months ago)
after one hero is full of stars sometimes appears the mystery shop. you spend 20s'stone to open a chest. get malachi stones there
Vanessa y (7 months ago)
You have played this game MR for more than 1100 days Why don't you try to get a legendary hero? It would be very interesting for you
Hamton Visonka (7 months ago)
and how long will it take to get a hero? and the maximum is only 3 stars... lots of time to advance one! I do not need them
Vanessa y (7 months ago)
+Hamton Visonka Oh dear, you can get a legend without spending any money If you want to obtain a legend, you can accumulate diamonds and then spend all diamonds you have on wheel event
Hamton Visonka (7 months ago)
I do not spend money on playing. I'll show you what to go with endurance and a lot of games for the low VIP level.
Nice video, but some things you are not doing right. And you have really low equipment upgrade. I wanted to ask, how do you get that special lufia avatar. Not her original one, not her skin, but one which is white? Can you tell me, im a collector and i want to know how you get one. Ty
M H (7 months ago)
Awaken Lufia to get the white hair avatar.. Rose Queen avatar is for Joile not Lufia.
Hamton Visonka (7 months ago)
this is the rose queen avatar item for lufia but I do not know where I got it. :( sorry
Mikasa Ackerman :v (7 months ago)

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